My name is Mimi Deligiannidis and I believe we want the same things!


As I grew older, I desperately wanted to retain a young looking face.

Don’t we all?


A young looking face means to me a lot more than just a good looking image of myself. It means that I do not just feel young on the inside but how this feeling is evident on the outside too.  A tired, aged face is such a downer to the majority of us women. This is why,  most of us want to retain our youthfulness. Looking good on the outside makes us feel good inside too. And this feeling upon reflecting itself, affects in a positive way the multiple roles we are called upon to play in  today’s society. 

Over the years, as an owner of MIMI  D.lux fashion boutique I have been meeting with many women.   The conclusion I have come up with is that  most of us women do not want to look significantly younger, instead we hope to appear rejuvenated, less tired and simply great for our age. We women, are looking for anti-aging solutions that subtly rejuvenate and smooth away the worry and tiredness that becomes more evident as we age.

Frankly speaking, I had been willing to try many different ways to cope  with  skin aging symptoms that affected both my appearance and my mood. Even super expensive creams left me with a sense of disappointment capped with a bitter feeling that sprang up from the realization that yet again I had been cheated by superfluous advertising.  Chemical peels were horrifying after trying them once  and even vitamin injections left me with a few bumpy spots on my face (liquid was not absorbed properly – I was told). The results I was getting weren’t lasting  and some products and procedures I dared try were dubious – safety wise. I wasn’t sure I was fond of a botox look either,  so I stayed away from “freezing” my expression.

I wanted to put an end to all of this. It was during the holiday season of 2010 that I embarked on a search for finding the ultimate skin anti-age product that would look appealing enough to me to order,  since such an action was classified as top priority in my New Year’s resolution list – Taking better care of myself,  that is.

And I did find it!


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:SQOOM TheSkinRevolution

was introduced to me in a very quiet way, I dare say. This is exactly what captured my interest. The chic way SCHICK MEDICAL was marketing its top innovative, award winning product. (SQOOM has earned European Innovation Award, European Business Award and European Health and Spa Award) Scientific truth does not need big flashy ads to promote itself. It just needs to explain itself  thoroughly to the ignorant in a way that is understood by all. And this is exactly what SQOOM did. After reading the relative posts at www.sqoom.de  I was able to better understand why my skin was aging, why traditional creams did  not and would not work…

A few days later I was the proud owner of a SQOOM HOME device and gels.

What happened next has changed the course of my life.

I fell head over heels in love with my SQOOM. Every day that passed I was seeing noticeable difference in my skin. I was getting compliments on how great my skin looked. My skin was getting better and better and when I discovered that these beautiful results were actually lasting I was elated! Hard day at work? No need, for me to worry! I could just erase the tiredness with just a few minutes of SQOOMING.  Almost as easy as  pressing Delete on my keyboard!

In a completely painless and effortless way SQOOM  TheSkinRevolution was succeeding in making my skin better looking. Since SQOOM was working deep inside refilling my skin’s own hyaluronic acid depot, in my mind, I would translate the effect of its “one million gentle vibrations per second” to one million, invisible microinjections per second with SQOOM’s own highly effective,  xcential hya serum. All this super hyagel dispersed evenly deep inside exactly where my skin needed it, in order, to reverse the aging process.

A few months later and quite a few emails on my part SCHICK MEDICAL honored me with SQOOM Distributor rights for Greece and Cyprus. It was during my visit to Rottveil, SQOOM’s hospitable home town in Germany that I was able to realize  SQOOM’s full potential. This is where I was officially introduced to SQOOM by a highly enthusiastic SQOOM team. I learned about how SQOOM was initially developed by Dr. Christ,  for rejuvenating damaged and stressed skin. Dr. Christ’s work extended in a period of over thirty years and was dedicated towards this aim. This is what science is all about. Helping humanity. The restored skin had one evident characteristic. YOUTHFULNESS! So SQOOM was blessed with yet another most desired merit, especially by us women. The long lasting AntiAge effect. SQOOM TheSkinRevolution with its  medical background and many years of dedicated scientific work put toward its development  had not only earned my admiration, but also my eternal respect. It was a great product created by great people to serve a great cause. That of healing and rejuvenating skin!

SQOOM since its introduction, has made its successful entry in markets worldwide. No matter where it is showcasing (at Harrods, Galleries Lafayette or an unknown but nonetheless respected pharmacy) the truth is one and only. More and more people and professionals are enthusiastically using SQOOM HOME and SQOOM CLINICALclinical_uebersicht_014 (Device aimed for professional use with  the same range of gels)  Antiage treatment but also the treatment of symptoms related to akne, rosacea, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, scars and even pain (back pain, arthritis pain) is what carefully designed, highly effective SQOOM serums do successfully. These Preservative and Chemical Free, Made in Germany serums are the magic  in SQOOM TheSkinRevolution. That is why SQOOM is not a dead-end concept. SQOOM’s scientific team is totally committed in developing new 100% safe gels to combat other symptoms as well.  The ever evolving SQOOM CONCEPT is aiming to answer successfully to the needs of the thousands of SQOOM users for new area application treatments with a lasting effect.


This is my third year using SQOOM (I now follow the 20’/week protocol) while every day I use my SOOM skincare cream and I find many reasons to uses the new SQOOM booster gel that really lifts up my spirits! I firmly believe that my skin has not aged at all. On the contrary, I look so much better and feel much more confident than I did in my pre-SQOOM  life. At this point I want to share with you my unshakeable belief : SQOOM MAKES THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! It makes effective skincare so easy! for all of us and as Dr. Serene says “SQOOM will do for the beauty industry what the iPAD has done for computing”.

So, do not hesitate to ask us to rent a SQOOM device so you will also have the privilege of experiencing  the SQOOM TheSkinRevolution!

Through SQOOM I made lots of new friends. Some of them are professionals and scientists all around the globe. They are dedicated in providing their customers highly innovative products in the beauty and health sectors. These products  are 100% safe and fulfill the promises they make. So, whether you study cosmetology, or you are a professional in the field of beauty and health or  an individual interested in exploring contemporary and effective ways of treatment in beauty and health care, in this site you will have the chance to encounter products that will meet your requirements and fulfill the expectations you have of them.

Therefore, I proudly present to you





The world’s first medical device used for permanent hair removal with the use of intense pulsed light. Anyone without any certification whatsoever can use E-One, due to the excellent safety procedures built in the device.  E-One was originally launched in 2007 by Dr Yves-Vincent Brottier in France. Yves-Vincent Brottier is an expert in hair removal technologies, designing the first epilation device using  IPL technology designed for home use.

The E-One IPL hair remover is a cutting edge product that is designed for cosmetic and therapeutic use; it is an innovative hair removal product which utilizes exclusive technology protected by several patents. The E-One is a personal hair removal machine that uses professional IPL technology packed into a small affordable, highly mobile unit.

In France,  E-One received an innovation award on French national TV program “Inventor of the Year” in 2007.


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Dr. Serene’s Sunvisorsunvisorlogo

will revolutionize the way we use sun protection.

It is a total-face wearable coverage designed and perfected by Dr Serene herself. It offers premium protection against harmful UVA and UVB.  Light, aerodynamic and trendy (catwalks in fashion shows all over the world are flooded with sunvisor looking gadget) and with more than 99% UVA, UVB protection, Dr Serene’s Sunvisor is the highest sun protection on the market for both face and eyes.


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Beauty is never a constant. It is reborn again and again. It changes, it grows, it passes through many complicated stages. Nevertheless true beauty is always something simple. If you are open to new ideas, know how to enjoy yourselves, take care of yourself, are quality conscious then you will love our award winning cosmedical products. Good looks, health and performance our important requirements for personal success.


“It seems that what is beautiful is identical with that which is good, and indeed, throughout every age in history, there is a close connection between the beautiful and the good”. 



Last but not least…


I would like to assure you that I am totally commited in what I love most. 


Providing you assistance in order to make the right choises and invest towards

better,  more fulfilling, more effective beauty products.


Warmest regards,

Mimi D.