Σαράντου Χριστίνα
Fashion Editor
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Sqoom An award-winning, innovative product. A high-tech anti-aging device. The success of sqoom is due to a revolutionary combination: A high-tech device and special gels that consist of natural herbal ingredients. The results of following this beauty program are spectacular.  A main component of the gels is the hyaluronic acid. As an outcome, smoothed wrinkles and in many cases completely eliminated. Hydrated, glowing skin. A beauty proposal for professionals and individuals as well. Taking care of my skin is now safe and easy with the help of sqoom, having replaced many beauty products!!!

Haritomeni Voda

Journalist, Health & Beauty Editor


Only if one has had the experience of periarthritis, do they know how painful it is. I honestly could not believe that the OL gel, used with the regular Sqoom (not the medical), would ever work. But it did!!! In one week, it shook off 3 months of constant pain. I am grateful to Mimi Deligiannidis for recommending it to me!

Fotini Perdiki

Lecturer (ESP practitioner)
Foreign languages centre at Technological Institute of Kavala (TEI of Kavala)


Abundant researches prove that SQOOM concept is as good as it gets in the world of skin care to fight wrinkles, skin aging and skin problems. It helps skin to increase its production of collagen (significant for wrinkle reduction), to reduce the appearance of skin discolorations, to enhance skin’s repair process, to strengthen skin’s barrier response and …and …and. For all these reasons (and not only for the aforementioned) it is highly recommended for its really spectacular result: notable and effective improvement of the skin structure. A miracle for both cosmetic and medicinal treatments! To speak of myself, I managed to get rid of my hands eczema with simply using SQOOM and the appropriate gel Mrs. Deligiannidis recommended. In a few weeks the skin of my hands became regenerated! I couldn’t believe it! I had used tons of medicinal creams before but the positive results were for just a short time; after a month or two my eczema used to appear again. Six months after my last treatment with SQOOM, my hands are clear! For me it is a miracle! Honestly!