SQOOM xCential orange serums

The SQOOM TheSkinRevolution.
Completely individual.

Skin ageing is a result of the gradual reduction of the body’s own natural moisturiser, hyaluronic acid. It is hyaluronic acid that stabilises the elastic and collagen fibres of the skin, and protects the cells against free radicals.

SQOOM replenishes this moisture reserve. While you can only reach the upper skin layers with conventional cosmetics, SQOOM  works deep inside your skin, replenishing, revitalising and refreshing with no need for a scalpel or needle. SQOOM is quick, easy and gentle yet highly eff ective.

Crow’s feet
(periorbital lines)

Nasolabial lines

Mentolabial furrows

Wrinkles on the Neck
and the cleavage

Furrows / Lines of worry

Tear sacs
(circumorbital rings

Glabella wrinkles

Perioral lines

SQOOM. How it works.


The SQOOM success: 
With scientific precision,
highly effective ingredients
reach exactly where they
are needed.

xCential cleanser

– cleansing down to the pores

Optimal physical deep cleansing process, supplying skin with moisture and preparing it for the SQOOM treatment. Panthenol and chamomile extract have a skin-soothing and relaxing effect. Can also be used for problem skin areas.


xCential H+

 – reduction of wrinkles and skin firming

The innovative H+ serum is made entirely ​​from skin friendly natural active ingredients of natural origin for visibly beautiful and smooth skin. The main ingredient of xCential H+ is hyaluron – a renowned moisturiser. 89% of the users say “SQOOM xCential H+ gives my skin a young and beautiful appearance”*. Aloevera Leaf Juice gives the skin intensive moisture.

*Long term application test for 5 weeks with 75 subjects


xCential deSpot

– whitening application

This whitening serum contains a unique combination of the active ingredients sulforaphane and genistein. This can brighten skin areas and reduce age spots in a liposomal combination.

xCential acqua+

– preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin

acqua+, a specially enriched spray, is used as an ideal supplement to the xCential serums and xCential blue serums. It can be applied with all serums and optimises the treatment by preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin. Additionally it supplies the skin with extra moisture with gentle active ingredients.

By using acqua+ you will use less high-value serum per treatment and the serums will last longer on your skin. A must have for xCential booster.

acqua+, a specially enriched vitamin water, is used as an ideal supplement to the xCential serums and xCential blue serums. It can be applied with all serums and optimises the treatment by preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin. Additionally it supplies the skin with extra moisture with gentle active ingredients.

Spray acqua+ directly onto the skin areas you
want to treat by pumping 2 – 4 times before or
during the application of the xCential serums.



xCential booster

– concentrated moisture for 24 hours

24 hour concentrated moisture boost. Fresh and velvety-smooth skin with immediate effect. Wrinkle depth is reduced after one single application and xCential booster has an 8 hour anti-wrinkle effect

.****Scientific test with 20 women.

Skin feels immediately fresh and velvety, leaving a bright, youthful appearance.

Apply the xCential booster serums onto the transducer or directly onto the skin area you want to treat.• Switch on the device with the POWER button and select programme M with the STEP button.
• Select ULTRA mode (only ultra red lights should be on)
• Now put the transducer onto the skin area you
want to treat and move it on your skin with slow,
soft circulating moves.
• Leave the remaining serum on your skin after the booster application and massage it into your skin with your fingers.

Tip: Use xCential acqua+ in combination before
and during the application.


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