SQOOM TheSkinRevolution How it works

When using SQOOM, valuable active ingredients are transported into the deeper layers of the skin, targeting the precise areas where treatment is required.

The SQOOM  iTheSkinRevolution is based on the use of innovative, highly developed serums. Due to their precise molecular size and polarity the active ingredients are transported into the various layers of the skin to the exact point where they are needed.

Conventional cosmetics are traditionally applied to the skin using the finger tips and are only absorbed by the upper skin layer. However, the roots of skin ageing and other skin problems are found deeper inside the skin.

Much deeper, in skin and tissue layers that conventional cosmetics cannot reach.

SQOOM transports valuable active ingredients deep into the skin using a transducer which produces one million soft vibrations per second.

Innovative bio-molecular preparations made of thermal, mechanic and physiochemical components result in a highly complex effect in their combination with the micro-computer controlled SQOOM device.

SQOOM stimulates production
of the skin’s own anti-ageing and
healing properties.

SQOOM massages the epidermis (upper skin layer) as well as the dermis (lower skin layer). It also gently stimulates the muscular tissue under the skin, targeting problem areas.

Through the use of SQOOM, the skin is supplied with nutrients and oxygen and the blood circulation in the vessels is increased. Also, the lymphatic system is stimulated, as is the production of collagen and the regeneration of cells and cell division. Due to the initial introduction of bio-molecules, the skin is encouraged to regenerate itself, becoming more elastic and rejuvenated.

SQOOM significantly improves the skin’s own production of collagen and elastin, sustainably improving the skin’s structure, regenerating problem skin and improving the overall appearance of the skin – making it brighter, firmer and more youthful. These results occur within a very short time frame. With longer term use, the effects are even more pronounced.

It connects the iontophoresis with ultrasound (sonophoresis) in a unique way. In other words: The ultrasound is the doorbell, and the ionophoresis subsequently opens innumerable doors. And that happens one million times in each second.

The skin structure is improved sustainably, problematic skin regenerates and the skin’s appearance soon becomes healthy and fresh.

SQOOM functional test – waterdrop test.

Ultrasonic Wave is invisible for human eyes. SQOOM emits a deep micro-vibration so rapid, that cannot be seen or felt at the surface of your skin. So don’t think your SQOOM isn’t working! To see the water vibration, please follow these steps:

1. Turn the power on

2. Select the “ultrasound” mode

3. Select “Cleansing” or “Massage” step

4. Put some water at metal head of the SQOOM

5. Touch the metal with one hand while holding the SQOOM with your other hand.




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