Is using SQOOM complicated or time-consuming?

The treatment is totally easy and gentle: First, the highly effective agents-serums are distributed on the face via the transducer. Subsequently the skin is massaged with the manual SQOOM device in small circular movements. Deep cleaning with the xCential cleanser takes 4 minutes while the subsequent care treatment with the xCential H+ takes 8 minutes. The result: A notable and effective improvement of the skin structure.

How long should I use SQOOM?

In order to redevelop the skin’s own collagen and to obtain an effective skin tightening, a treatment every second day over a period of four to eight weeks is recommended. Subsequently, one or two treatments per week are sufficient for maintaining the skin structure.

When will I see the first results?

Your skin will already show an improved blood circulation and look brighter and fresher immediately after the first treatment. At the age of 30, small wrinkles already disappear after 4 weeks while larger wrinkles will be reduced in the same time. People at the age of 40+ need a little longer and are recommended to continue the treatment every 2nd day for eight weeks.

Which ingredients are included in the SQOOM xCential H+?

The SQOOM xCential H+ includes skin-friendly and natural ingredients only. Without antidegradants or skin-irritating emulsifiers and especially developed for the SQOOM applications. The main effective agent is hyaluronic acid – our skin’s moisture deposit. Other natural ingredients like aloe inner-leaf gel or sulforaphane – a the new innovative ingredient – support the gentle but significant effect of this innovative gel.

Why particulate hyaluronic acid?

Introducing hyaluronic acid into the deeper skin layers is problematic. When applied, only a small percentage of the substance enters the deeper skin layers as the hyaluronic acid particle is quiet large and bulky. Thus, only the upper skin layers benefit from the tightening effect for a short time, as the hyaluronic acid swells due to the skin moisture. This effect lasts only shortly and is not completely satisfactory in terms of beauty care.

The SQOOM xCential H+ circumvents this limitation. Specialised bacteria break up the hyaluronic acid particles into smaller parts before these are integrated in the gel. This special, carefully and controlled divided hyaluronic acid is the particulate hyaluronic acid. With SQOOM, this substance enters the essential deeper skin layers much easier and to a larger extent as compared to the common hyaluronic acid. It fills hollow spaces generated by skin aging processes. The particulate hyaluronic acid also offers a high water storage capacity to thoroughly provide the skin with moisture.

Which ingredients are included in the SQOOM xCential cleanser?

The SQOOM xCential cleanser  is a skin-friendly natural cleansing gel with an innovative effect combination. It is very gentle and also suited for cleaning problematic skins. The most important effective component is a carefully prepared extract from the camellia sinensis – the tea plant. This tea plant allows you to prepare genuine tea and applying tea to the skin is just as healthy as drinking the latter.



Should I perform the deep cleansing with the cleansing program before each SQOOM treatment?

We recommend you to perform a 4-minutes cleansing program prior to each treatment, unless you have just performed a face peeling, eventually have just returned from a relaxing and purifying sauna visit or likewise. The cleansing program ensures an extremely clean and pure skin in combination with the xCential cleanser , which is prerequisite for the subsequent structure-improving application programs.

How long does the 50ml xCential H+ and the 50ml xCential cleanser last?

The 50ml xCential H+ lasts for about one month for the face treatment and the xCential cleanser serum  even one to two months. The consumption can be slightly higher at the beginning, as you perform treatments every second day or even daily. After 4 to 8 weeks, one or two treatments per week are sufficient for maintaining the skin structure.

How do wrinkles form?

Early skin aging and the formation of lines and wrinkles is of course mainly induced by genetic factors. Environmental conditions or behaviour aspects, like smoking or stress can also deteriorate your skin at an early stage. However, there is another important factor influencing the aging process of your skin: the continuous degradation of hyaluronic acid inside the skin.

However, skin aging is also subject to other important factors: the permanent degradation of hyaluronic acid in the skin and the free radicals. Hyaluronic acid is the skin’s moisture deposit. It stabilises the elastic and collagenic fibres and protects the cells from free radicals. If the water storage capacity of your skin decreases, wrinkles and lines are certain to form. Therefore, provide your skin with hyaluronic acid – and provide to the deeper skin layers. This will fill the moisture deposit, stabilise the elastic and collagenic fibres and thus bolster up and eliminate wrinkles and lines.

Which treatment is recommended for the first lines or an exhausted complexion?

Protect your skin from excessive UV light and always make sure to use a sun protection. Avoid nicotine and too much stress. Allow your skin some recovery sleep. We recommend you to perform the SQOOM treatment every second day for 4 weeks in order to eliminate small lines. Subsequently, one or two treatments per week are sufficient for maintaining the skin structure.

How do I treat middle and deep wrinkles?

First, apply the SQOOM nutrition or lifting program with hyaGel daily for developing the hyalurone deposit. After 4-8 weeks, deep wrinkles are reduced, small lines disappear completely and the skin structure is improved visibly and effectively. Subsequently, one or two treatments per week are sufficient for maintaining the skin structure.

Which treatment is recommended for distinct mimic wrinkles?

First, apply the SQOOM nutrition or lifting program with xCential H+ daily for developing the hyalurone deposit. After 4-8 weeks, the deep annoying mimic wrinkles are reduced and the overall skin structure appears fresher and younger. Subsequently, one or two treatments per week are sufficient for maintaining the skin structure.

Are there any risks and/or side-effects related to the SQOOM treatment?

The SQOOM treatment is conservative and gentle. The only exclusion applies for persons wearing a cardiac pacemaker. In addition, treatments should not be performed in areas affected by skin cancer or surgery sites as well as on the chest area of persons suffering from thyroid hyperfunction.

Is SQOOM safe?

It is completely safe. Ultrasonic Beauty Machines have been used in salons since decades for cosmetics and medicine. SQOOM is fully tested and comply with strict safety standards (CE, ISO 9001 2000, L-C, US, FD HS Mark).

Who can help me, if I have questions that were not answered here?

Please email us at info@mimidlux.gr.

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