SQOOM clinical

For real success, all elements of the treatment must work together as a whole.

SQOOM clinical has been developed by Dr. H. Christ who has drawn upon his 30 years of experience in the fields of alternative treatment for skin diseases and by Dr. U. Warnke with his expertise in the use of electro-magnetic forces and the restorative power of light treatment. This partnership has created a highly effective medicinal product and treatment system which is used successfully in international clinics and by both medical practitioners and skincare therapists.

Dr. Helmut W. Christ Specialist for internal medicine M. B. Ch. B. (Cape Town, South Africa), M. D. (Münster,Germany)

Dr. Christ studied medicine at renowned universities in Germany, the USA and South Africa. He is a specialist in internal diseases. He has operated his own general practice in Bisingen/ Hohenzollern since 1976. This practice is now regarded as an approved skin disease centre.

4 methods.

SQOOM clinical is the first device of its kind to use magnetic field and ultrasound in combination. With a new and unique mode of treatment, the symptoms of skin diseases are combated and sustainably improved.

  1. Ultrasound

    Ultrasound uses acoustic waves at a precise frequency to transport the active ingredients in the unique SQOOM treatment gels deep into the skin to the area where skin cells are formed. This deep treatment generates fast and visible improvements to the skin.
    Static magnetic field
  2. Static magnetic field
    The magnetic field works to help damaged skin cells reform and rejuvenate. This selfhealing energy enables the skin to sustain its new healthy structure longer term.
    “Cold” infrared
  3. Cold Infrared
    Infrared works in partnership with the magnetic field technology to build up cell energy. This internal energy helps the skin with its self-healing.
    Blue light
  4. Blue Light

    Blue LED light starts up natural bio-chemical processes within the body. It supports self-healing and also has a pain-relieving and preventative effect due to the release of nitrogen monoxide in the treatment area. The blue light supports the ‘redox harmonization’ of the skin.

SQOOM clinical operates on three different programme levels.


Treatment of pains and fractures.

Treatment of cellulite.


Treatment of skin conditions, skin

diseases and wounds.


Treatment of very sensitive skin.

Treatment of children.


The therapeutic effect of SQOOM clinical.

The physical effect of amplification increases the target treatment area and enhances the effectiveness of the therapy.

In partnership with the amplification effect, the individual physical factors of the SQOOM clinical treatment act in parallel to influence tissue and cell function, amongst other things.

Impulse Skin effect
1. Ultrasound wave, pulsed Micro-circulation and phonophoresis
2. Static magnetic field Channeling of free radicals
3. Near infrared light Cell energy and redox equilibrium (Building up the cell energy, infrared light penetrates the skin in a targeted  way)
4. Blue light Pain relief and support  of the self-healing


Summed up,  the synergy processes lead to the following certified indications according to RL93/42 EWG:

  1. Therapeutic effect in the treatment of fractures
    For example indications
    •Fractures of the tibia, distal radius, scaphoid, long tubular bones.
    •Pseudarthrosis or disorder of bone healing.
    •Callus distraction and bone regeneration (plastic surgery of cancellous bone).
  2. Therapeutic effect in wound care
    For example indications
    •Diabetic ulcers of feet and legs.
    •Chronic venous ulcers of the leg.
    •Chronic/trophic skin wounds.
    •Soft tissue injuries.
  3. Therapeutic effect on inflammatory diseases.
    For example indications
    •Calcified tendinitis of the shoulder joint.
    •Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Therapeutic effect on increasing the peripheral blood supply of the skin
  5. Therapeutic effect on pain relief treatment

The scientifically proven SQOOM CONCEPT

SQOOM Clinical works with the highly effective SQOOM SpecialGel range.

This range of gels can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions. Working in tandem, the Gels and the treatment process can achieve great success in healing the skin.


Clinical Tests

13,000  patients. Across the world.

A comprehensive series of treatments with more than 13,000 patients has clearly proven the treatment success of SQOOM clinical. 623 were registered for a clinical study from October 2005 until March 2011. Men, women and children of all ages participated and were scientifically monitored during the treatment. For more information or to receive a copy of the clinical trial results please contact us or SCHICK MEDICAL at www.shick-medical.de




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