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xCential booster



24 hour concentrated moisture boost. Skin feels immediately fresh and velvety, leaving a bright, youthful appearance.

Apply the xCential booster Serum onto the transducer or directly onto the skin area you want to treat.

• Switch on the device with the POWER button and select programme M with the STEP button.
• Select ULTRA mode (only ultra red lights should be on)
• Hold the SQOOM on both sides so that you touch the contact handles.
• Now put the transducer onto the skin area you
want to treat and move it on your skin with slow,
soft circulating moves.
• Leave the remaining serum on your skin after the
booster application and massage it into your skin with your fingers.
• Result: Gives your skin a youthful and bright look.
Tip: Use xCential acqua+ in combination before
and during the application.


xCential acqua+


acqua+, a specially enriched vitamin water, is used as an ideal supplement to the xCential orange serums and xCential blue serums.

It can be applied with all serums and optimises the treatment by preventing serums from drying too quickly on the skin. Additionally it supplies the skin with extra moisture with gentle active ingredients.

Spray acqua+ directly onto the skin areas you
want to treat by pumping 2 – 4 times before or
during the application of the xCential serums.

By using acqua+ you will use less high-value serum
per treatment and the serums will last longer on your skin.


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