SQOOM TheSkinRevolution xCential H+ serum – 50 ml


SQOOM TheSkinRevolution xCential H+ serum – 50 ml


Ιnnovative skin rejuvenating serum that works from UNDER THE SKIN . It is  made of skin friendly and natural agents. The main ingredient is fragmented hyaluronic acid (fills up skin’s moisture depot) because common hyalurone particles are quite large and bulky and unleash their tightening effect only for a short time and only in the upper skin layers. Special bacteria divide the hyaluronic acid particles included in the SQOOM xCential H+ into significantly smaller bits before adding them to the xCential H+.This enables a much more facilitated penetration of the critical skin layers by higher quantities of the particles, where they fill hollow spaces induces by the skin aging. Without antidegradants or skin-irritating emulsifiers it is especially developed for the SQOOM TheSkinRevolution applications.

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