SQOOM TheSkinRevolution Silver Basic C4 device


SQOOM TheSkinRevolution Silver Basic C4 device


SQOOM silver Basic C4, skin rejuvenating technology at the highest level, beauty care of the utmost intensity. SQOOM TheSkin|Revolution  improves and smoothes the skin structure effectively. C4 includes: handset, charging station (100-240V), travelling case

SQOOM TheSkinRevolution is an innovative microcomputer-controlled skin rejuvenation treatment using highly developed active serums to regenerate the skin from deep within. Without any injections. At the touch of a button. It works with  a unique combination of ionisation with ultra soundand active cosmetics, ‘Your skin will soon be much more radiant and yourthful. Scientifically proven and dermatologically tested. SQOOM TheSkinRevolution activates the production of natural collagen and the hyaluronic acid which is contained in the high agent gels, effectively improves the skin structure. The completely easy and soft treatment tightens wrinkles, regenerates connective tissue and develops new cells.


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