Sports Applications


Sports Applications

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  • Cycling
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  • Bodybuilding
  • Swimming


Active and fit people

The E-One IPL hair removal device has been specifically designed for active and fit people.

Whether you are an elite cyclist preparing for the Tour de France, a great swimmer, a body builder or a fitness addict, the E-One is the best long lasting hair removal solution you will find. Now available for home use, this hair removal solution is easy to use and medically certified.



An increasing number of Australians are shaving their legs and donning tight lycra every weekend in order to fit into the cycling culture. It’s about following a code where looks and style are just as important as speed and performance.

Shaving legs can be really time consuming and causes rashes on your skin. With E-One laser-like hair removal you can enjoy a hair-free ride without the hassle of shaving legs anymore.

With no hair, you will enhance your performance, gain in aerodynamics and also make common cuts and scrapes easier to heal.



If you are into fitness you really take great care of your body, run dozens of kilometres every week and push your body to the limit but you are may be bothered by the impression your hairy back or hairy legs are giving?

Whether you are a man or a women, with white or tanned skin, the E-One has been specifically designed for your body hair removal. You can use E-One hair removal on the whole body including the face and intimate areas. You will enjoy smooth and hairless skin within 8 to 12 treatments thanks to the French technology offered by the E-One IPL hair removal system.



Getting rid of hair is one the hardest part of living a bodybuilder’s lifestyle, but it is also one of the most important aesthetics issues. Having thin or thick hair, blond, brown or black hair isn’t a problem with the E-One Intense Pulsed Light hair removal machine. The E-One is the ultimate hair removal solution and soon the dream of never shaving again will be real.



Swimmers often remove all or most of the hair from their bodies because it causes friction while swimming, especially for competition when every second counts. Removing this hair from the chest, legs, arms or back makes a real difference to performance. However, hair is often difficult or painful to remove, so swimmers will love the virtually painless solution offered by the IPL technology of the E-One hair removal device.

Whether you are a cyclist, a body builder, a swimmer, the

           E- One will fit your need to enjoy a life without hair!


Sports Applications


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