IPL Advantages



  • Professional hair removal results at home
  • Gentle on the skin and user-friendly
  • Medically certified and unique


Professional hair removal results at home

The E-One IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal device is the first and only professional hair remover device in the world medically certified for apersonal use at home. The E-One allows you to achieve professional results, for both men and women, in the privacy on your home.

The device is suitable for different skin types from phototype I (fair) to phototype V (dark) and is effective for most hair types including blond, brown and dark hair colour. Only the skin phototype VI (very dark/black), red and grey hair cannot be treated.

You can use the E-One on the whole body including face, bikini lines, legs, armpits and back…

With the E-One, no more appointments to beauty salons. You will save time and money. All the treatments will be performed in the comfort and convenience of your home.

For optimum results, you will need between 10 to 12 sessions spaced by 6 to 8 weeks, then only 1 or 2 touch-ups per year should be all that is required to maintain a smooth and hairless skin.

Treated hairs begin to fall out progressively, usually between 7 to 21 days post treatment. As you continue to use the machine, your hair regrowth will be continuously less populated and thinner to ultimately get a smooth silky skin.


Gentle on the skin and user-friendly

The E-One has been followed by a 3 year clinical study in France under the control of dermatologists.

It has been extensively tested on different skin and hair types. No skin irritations have been measured by any user. Testing was conducted with a light intensity 30% higher than required to establish that no pain was experienced.

The E-One will help you achieve long-term results leaving your skin soft and hair-free. Users of the E-One report that the device is confortable and easy to use on the legs and arms, with a warm sensation or very light tingling felt around the bikini line and facial area. If you have experienced professional IPL or laser hair removal treatments in a beauty clinic or beauty salon, the E-One machine will give you the same sensation.

Many permanent hair reduction methods require painful and on-going treatments such as waxing, hair removal cream, electrolysis… some are more or less painless and safer than others.

60,000 users and experts have confirmed through intensive clinical testing that the E-One IPL hair removal device is comfortable to use.


Medically certified and unique

The E-One IPL hair removal medical device has been certified by a Medical CE certificate and registered in the ARTG register (Australian Register of Therapeutics Goods) for the treatment of excessive hair growth (also called hirstism) under number # 167727.

The E-One meets the European standard IEC 60601-1 for medical devices involving the safety and effectiveness of the product.

Before all shipments, each E-One is individually checked and verified in France through twenty safety and quality points. It is then checked again in Australia before each despatch.

The machine is manufactured by E-Swin, the world largest IPL manufacturer based in France near Paris.

Every E-One IPL hair removal device has its own serial number. Also each of them is unique and specifically allocated to you via our online management system.  All your treatment history is stored in the machine should you have any issues with it.

Just as a comparison, lots of professional IPL or laser hair removal devices used in Australia or New Zealand don’t even have such high level of standards as the E-One does.


IPL Advantages


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