How Dr Serene’s SUNVISOR can protect your face and eyes


UVA causes skin ageing. The radiation penetrates deep into the dermis and doesn’t cause immediate visible effects. Over time, the radiation reduces collagen and elastin formation and the skin loses elasticity and support. Wrinkles, pigmentation, coarse textured, shrunken, disfigured skin starts to appear, usually from the age of 30. This accelerates closer to menopause in women as estrogen dwindles. It’s not too late to reduce the years of sun exposure. There are creams (Vitamin A at night and Vitamin C during the day) that reverse sun damage. DIY devices, such as the German anti-ageing concept SQOOM (a device and anti-ageing gels) restores youthful elasticity. And if you limit your sun exposure with Dr Serene’s Sunvisor, you can take years off your skin appearance.

Because it covers the face, it provides better eye protection than sunglasses. It has an easy lift-up action, so you can tilt it to suit your needs, plus it is comfortable, has good air-flow and is no-fog. Its ‘not too dark, not too light’ visor tinting ensures you have clear vision outdoors. If you wear contact lenses or have dry-eye syndrome, the feeling of eye dryness and grittiness is worsened with sun and wind. Ageing also reduces tear production. Dr Serene’s Sunvisor wraps around the eyes to reduce moisture loss.


Lips lack melanin, which protects against sun damage, so are very prone to UV radiation resulting in thin, shrivelled lips


Dr Serene’s Sunvisor is a must after eye operations (like cataract) and procedures (eg laser treatment for glaucoma) when the eyes are more sensitive to sunlight. The full-face protection is more effective than sunglasses as it wraps around your face


Skin pigmentation and freckles become more prominent without sun protection. Using whitening creams for the skin is not sufficient to prevent pigmentation as they will reappear with sun exposure. Sunscreen protection is only effective when applied as recommended: liberal applications without massaging it into the skin, regular two-hourly applications and after swimming and heavy perspiration, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Many people do not apply sunscreen correctly and have a false sense of sun protection security


Post IPL, laser treatment and cosmetic procedures, the skin is more sun sensitive and vulnerable to sunburn. Dr Serene’s Sunvisor allows you to go outdoors knowing you will be fully protected.


Chemicals in sunscreens can cause skin irritation and rashes. With the latest SPF 50 ruling, the higher concentration of chemicals can be more skin irritating. The broadest spectrum sunscreen is Zinc Oxide, which is also antibacterial. However, unless it’s well refined and micronised, it can leave a white residue on the skin surface.


Many skin conditions worsen in the sun. Rosacea affects more than 50% of adults over 50 (it’s a faint blush on your cheeks, then the veins become visible). When rosacea affects the nose, it can be very disfiguring (rhinophyma), causing a red, bulbous, bumpy surface. Freckles, moles and pigmentation darken in the sun. Then there is skin cancer: Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world with two out of every three adults affected (Department of Health & Aging). This is a direct result of excessive sun exposure.


Many sunscreens can irritate your eyes, especially when you perspire heavily playing sport and sunscreen residue trickles into your eyes. No sunscreens are required when you use Dr Serene’s Sunvisor. The visor is aerodynamically designed and will stay secure even when cycling down a steep hill. An optional string fastener on the headband increases security. For prolonged sports activities, such as golfing, frequent sunscreen reapplication is not necessary if you wear Dr Serene’s Sunvisor.