Dr Serene about Dr Serene’s Sunvisors


“I am passionate about finding solutions for sun protection and anti-ageing,” says Dr Serene.

“The sunvisor combats both”.

Most people aren’t aware that while most sunscreens protect against skin burning caused by UVB rays, some sunscreens (unless rated SPF50 or broad spectrum) don’t contain any protection from UVA rays, which cause skin ageing.

“UVA can travel deeper into the skin than UVB and cause damage over time without immediate visible signs of sun damage. It’s linked to fatal melanomas and skin cancers. Most people have a false sense of security when they wear sunscreen, meanwhile the UVA is freely damaging the skin and causing premature ageing.”

Dr Serene – an Australian complementary GP and cosmetic specialist and the exclusive Australian distributor of award-winning German anti-ageing concept SQOOM – researched the sunvisor concept and worked with a manufacturer to develop a visor with the correct shape for maximum coverage and aerodynamic design for jogging, cycling, golfing and tennis.

“You can pull down the visor for full- face protection, and use its easy tilt-up action for a desirable visor angle. It is comfortable, has good air-flow and does not fog up, plus has better sun protection than sunglasses as it wraps around your eyes and eliminates the need to wear greasy, heavy sunscreen on your face,” says Dr Serene.