Why wear Dr Serene’s Sunvisor / Sunscreen?

Why wear Dr Serene’s Sunvisor / Sunscreen?


Full coverage.
If you pull down the visor, you have full-face protection. It is aerodynamically designed for sport (eg cycling,golfing, tennis)


Reapplication necessary.
You have to reapply sunscreens liberally after perspiring, swimming and frequently during sport (at least 2 hourly).

UV protection.
It has excellent UVA and UVB coverage.
No UVA protection.

Many sunscreens do not protect against the damaging UVA spectrum.
Premium eye protection.
Because it covers the face it provides better eye protection than sunglasses.
No eye protection.
The visor has an easy lift-up action so you can tilt it to suit your needs.Comfortable, good air-flow, no fog…buynow-black
Residue on skin.
ZincOxide has the broadest spectrum coverage but can feel heavy on the skin and leave a white residue unless it’s micronized.