Dr Serene’s Sunvisor Appraisal

Wai Heng is a lawyer – a straight talker who calls a spade a spade. Gave the sunvisor a thumbs up!
Serene, used your sun visor today on a 4 hour bicycle ride and here is my honest assessment:-
1. Had today been hot, the visor would have not only protected my eyes but my face as well!
2. Today was blowing a cold and strong wind and I appreciated not having painful watery eyes.
3. I travelled down a steep slope at about 35kmph and the visor did not blow off.
4. The visor sat comfortably with my bike helmet and the strap.
5. Visibility was great and did not pose a problem with my prescription glasses.
6. After a long ride my face is usually covered with gruesome grey grime. I wiped perspiration off my face today and it was not dirty. I compared wiping my neck which was exposed and the difference was noticeable.
7. I rode on Hopkins road in Footscray with lots of trucks passing and they usually kick up alot of dust and sand. The visor meant I did not have to squint to avoid sand in my eyes.
All in all it was a great and useful gift. Will be using it constantly thank you.
PS. What do you think of my “selfie”? Did it as I was riding!



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